• Robert Ali

    Prof. Robert Ali

    Director of Community Based Treatment Interventions at Drug & Alcohol
    Services South Australia
    University of Adelaide

  • Laura Amato

    Dott. Laura Amato

    Dipartimento di Epidemiologia,
    Regione Lazio

  • Marina Davoli

    Dott. Marina Davoli

    Direttore, Dipartimento di Epidemiologia
    Regione Lazio

  • Fabrizio Faggiano

    Prof. Fabrizio Faggiano

    Docente di Medicina
    Università del Piemonte Orientale

  • Michael Farrel

    Prof. Michael Farrell

    Director of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre
    at the University of New South Wales in Sydney

  • David R Foxcroft

    Prof. David R Foxcroft

    Professor of Community Psychology and Public Health
    Oxford Brookes University

  • Linda Gowing

    Dr Linda Gowing

    Manager of the Evidence-Based Practice Unit at Drug and Alcohol Services South Australia
    Affiliate Senior Lecturer in the Discipline of Pharmacology,
    University of Adelaide

  • Mattew Hickman

    Dr Mattew Hickman

    School of Social and Community Medicine

  • Walter Ling

    Prof. Walter Ling

    Director Integrated Substance abuse Programs
    Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
    David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA
    Los Angeles California

  • Min Zhao

    Dr Min Zhao

    Department of Drug Abuse Research
    Shangai Mental Health Center

  • Pier Paolo Pani

    Dr Pier Paolo Pani

    Associate-Editor di Heroin Addiction and Related Clinical Problems
    Direttore Scientifico di Medicina delle Dipendenze
    Presidente della Società Italiana Tossicodipendenze.